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Triple axis neutron spectrometer Neutron-3

Neutron 3

Triple-axis neutron spectrometer Neutron-3 set up on high flux reactor of Saint-Petersburg Institute of Particle Physics. This instrument was designed for precise measurement of inelastic response function of crystals in different Brillion zone in broad temperature range.

  • Monochromator and analyzers:
  • Cu 220, 2d=2.556 Å
    Cu 200, 2d=3.608 Å
    PG 002, 2d=6.710 Å
  • Neutron flux on sample 1·106 н cm-2sec-1
  • Wave length of incident neutrons (1-4) Å
  • Energy resolution >0.5 meV
  • Impulse resolution:
  • parallel.:ΔQ=1·10-2 Å
    perpendicular.:ΔQ=2·10-3 Å

  • Scattering Angle of monochromator 30° <2Θ< 120°
  • Scattering angle of sample -130° <φ<130°
  • Scattering angle of analyzer -130° <2Θ< 130°
  • Detector: 3Не
  • Beam size on sample 60·40 mm2

  • Additional equipment – cryostats, heater –allows conduct measurements in temperature range from 4K to 1200K
  • Good vertical resolution due to long distance. The active zone is a sample.
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