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Turnkey broadband system NOVOCONTROL CONCEPT-80

Novocontrol Spectrometr


Ultra broad band dielectric and conduction spectroscopy with temperature control system and a system of visualization and data treatment. Complex system of ‘ready-to-use” type NOVOCONTROL CONCEPT-80 includes low and high frequency spectrometer BDS-80 (from 3 μHz - 20 MHz ) for dielectric, electrochemical impedance and conduction spectroscopy developed especially for materials investigation in combination with the QUATRO Cryosystem (-160 °C ... 400 °C) and a program complex for visualization and treatment of data.

Technical feature of BDS-80:
  • Frequency range 3E-5 .. 2E7 Hz including low frequencies characterizing possesses of dielectric relaxation.
  • Ultra broad range of altering Capacity E-15 .. 1 F allows conducting broad band measurements until exceptionally low capacity values.
  • Ultra high range of Impedance measurement 0.01 - 1014 Ω covers region from semiconductors to isolators.
  • Loss factor tan(δ) accuracy < 3E-5, resolution E-5
  • Supports a number of measuring interfaces for users with special functions.
  • Supports non-linear dielectric, impedance spectroscopy and spectroscopy of non-linear conduction in combination with any measuring interface.
  • Includes sample cell and a special high voltage sample cell
  • Supports up to 157 point during high voltage measurements per second (impedance measurements) through GPIB port
  • Automated self-calibration and user diagnostic

Technical feature of QUATRO Cryosystem:

  • High precision turn key temperature control system.
  • Temperature range -160 °C ... 400 °C.
  • Temperature ramps from 0.01 C/min .. 30 °C/min.
  • 0.01 °C temperature stability.
  • Low nitrogen consumption, typically 1 l/hr at T> -100 °C.
  • Temperature overshooting after setpoint step typically < 0.2 °C.
  • Stabilization times typically < 8 minutes (for 0.1 °C stability).
  • Automatic adaptation of controller parameters (self tune).
  • 4 loop microprocessor with 24 bit ADC and GPIB communication port.
  • Vacuum-isolated cryostat and nitrogen line.
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