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SuperNova diffractometer


The SuperNova builds upon the success of Oxford Diffraction's Gemini, the world's first dual wavelength system. The SuperNova is the ideal diffractometer for both the modern crystallographic research and the leading analytical service laboratories.

The SuperNova includes:
  • 4-circle kappa goniometer
  • Hi-flux dual wavelength micro-focus Mo & Cu X-ray sources
  • Small, compact cabinet
  • 135mm Atlas, CCD detector
  • CrysAlisPro - Data collection & processing software
  • AutoChem - Fully automatic structure solution and refinement software
  • Optional nitrogen or helium cryo-device

The SuperNova has been designed around two low power consumption yet high intensity X-ray microsources. Built in-house by Oxford Diffraction, the Nova (Cu) and Mova (Mo) X-ray sources combine the latest in micro-focus tube technology with specially designed multi-layer X-ray optics. Wavelength switching is completely automatic and can be initiated either by the click of a software icon, or by queued Mo and Cu experiments which can be run automatically back to back.

The Mova and Nova X-ray sources run at 50W power and provide a beam size of approximately 300 microns.

MOVA micro-source:
  • Mo wavelength
  • Up to 2.5x more intense than a standard Mo sealed tube with mono-capilliary optic

NOVA micro-source:
  • Copper wavelength
  • Up to 3x more intense than a 5kW rotating anode with optic
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